An Australian law firm based in Grafton, NSW; they handle all types of legal requirements with the utmost professionalism that I have seen first hand. 
They are my main sponsor and have been supporting me since 2014, when they came on board as a personal sponsor. Not only do they support my sporting goals, but they also have a strong passion for the community and support charity and other events. 


Kinetik Sports "Kinetik Compression Gear works diligently to provide professional athletes and endurance enthusiasts with the most innovative, biomechanically constructed, temperature regulated, compression garments. Through years of research and development, Kinetik has found a good compromise between compression and comfort. We know the difference between compression garment and skin tight garment.
Kinetik was designed and tested in Swiss and is quickly becoming recognized as innovative compression garments in Europe".


"Wearing HOKA is a feeling unlike any other. Enhanced cushioning and a meticulously engineered midsole provides a unique ride: one designed to be smooth, soft and efficient. And we are always thinking up new ways to make movement more fun, more purposeful, and more empowering."


IoCorro! – Just Run con il tempo è diventato il negozio di articoli sportivi di Terni che è un punto di riferimento per tutti gli sportivi che cercano il meglio del settore in fatto di scarpe, attrezzature e capi di abbigliamento.