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Umm Jurn 24hr

Back on the podium!

Happy to have another successful trip to Qatar, this time winning the Umm Jurn 24hr Race. It had been a while since I have raced a 24hr, I think about 2 - 3 years ago, but I couldn't refuse the opportunity to race one in Qatar.

I felt great during the race and managed to knock out 511kms. It was probably one of the most enjoyable and fun events I have ever done. Loved it. The Qatari people (and the expats who live there) are incredibly generous and welcoming.

A huge thanks to Sheikh Abdullah Al Thani and his family, Rasen Sports, all the volunteers and sponsors of the event who did an amazing job. It's great to see the sport growing and building, thanks to some great people leading the way.

Also my support and "team" during the race, who looked after me; amazing and friendly people.

Congrats to all the riders who competed and pushed themselves over the 24 hours, there was a great vibe on the course and throughout the entire event.


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