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24hr Ride for Youth!

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Another fun filled 24hrs at the Junction Hill cycle track has wrapped up and another great success!

This is by far my favourite event of the year and the only time my voice box is the sorest of all my body parts as I seem to chat nonstop for the entire time.

The reason for the event is to raise funds for youth mental health services in the Clarence Valley and also to engage with the community a positive event that provides a perfect metaphor for life - no matter how dark and cold the night is, it will pass and the sun will always rise. And speaking to many people, the message is far more important.

Each year we continue to receive more and more support from the community in general with a broad range of participants, not just "cyclists". Not to mention great support from individuals and sponsors such as MJO Legal, GDSC, Grafton Cycle Club & Bom Bom Racing, Clarence Youth Action, Jempire Events, Roches Family Hotel, Toast Espresso, Cycle Sport Grafton, Rick Winters Construction, 2GF, The Daily Examiner, The Clarence Valley Council, Clarence Valley BMX Club and The New School of Arts. Our local MP Chris Gulaptus who came out to support and also pumped out a couple of hot laps. Also a special mention to my own major sponsor MJO Legal who not only support the event but also personally come out to ride laps. These are just some of the fantastic groups who support the event and i'm sure I forgot some. At the time of writing with are at halfway to our goal of $10 000 and on track to hit that again, as we did last year.

This year we had over 140 riders come out during the 24hrs and ride; some for 10mins and some for the full 24 hours with special mention to a couple of my own athletes Stuart Boxsell and Dion Poy who smashed out distance PB's of 600km and 310kms. Personally I ended up with 641kms, a couple more than last year but still reachable for next year (I hope!). Not to mention the Clarence Valley BMX Club who rocked up with huge numbers and all smashed out the laps on their slightly smaller bikes!

We were lucky this year with the weather; cool temperatures, light winds and only a short shower of rain during the night that freshened us up. And unless there is an actual safety concern, ie. lightning hitting the track, the event happens regardless.

It's also now official that it is an annual event and will happen each year at around the same time (October/November). It was the fourth time it's been held but now we have officially locked it in.

Although my ugly mug might be all over the promo material, the event only exists with the organisation and strength of two main people - Michael Powell and Skye Schatzman Sear (and the entire Sear family). They work tirelessly leading up to the event, during and after. They really are the backbone of the event, I just rock up and ride. The event is 100% not for profit with everything and everyone donating their time and resources.

Again, thank you to everyone who came and support, donated online or just sent messages of support. The event has become so much more than just raising money; you only have to speak to people on the track about how they feel and the reason for the event, to understand what it's all about.

In the next few months I will continue to post updates and dates for the 2019 event - see you then!


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