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Lock down!

Well as the world slowly goes into full lock down, here in Italy it's been that way for a while. Up until about a week ago I could still train properly out in the mountains and continue on, only allowed due to it being my work, although I made sure I took paths and trails where I knew I wouldn't come across a single soul. Then about a week ago stricter restrictions were placed on the country and now you cannot go further than 100m of your home unless you're going to the supermarket or pharmacy.

Basically don't leave your home unless you absolutely have to. Police have been out in force patrolling towns and cities making sure everyone adheres to the new laws.

It's not only right but extremely necessary. It blows my mind to see people in Australia carrying on as if nothing is at risk. I even saw advice from a doctor (apparently) in a facebook cycling group chat to "...continue on riding in groups until it's too late, then ride solo."

I'm not sure if it's ignorance or arrogance, but it blows my mind.

Take measures before your government tells you.

And while jobs and the economy is hit hard, athletes including myself are very much in this boat. My race calendar has been wiped. Back in February I was actually at the airport in Rome about to board a flight to Qatar to kick off my season at the Al Adaid Desert MTB Challenge. I had checked in and was at the gate about to board when we were informed the flight would not be happening.

Now my "first" race of the season could be the Val D'Aran Trail race in July, although I doubt it will happen. I had planned on racing the Penyagalosa Trail, Ultra Trail Australia and a host of other smaller races here in Italy but they have all been canned.

With that in mind, you'll find most professional athletes will be taking it easy now. Keeping in shape but not training too hard. You don't peak now if your next race is in six months (if you're lucky!).

In light of this, i'm looking at doing some sort of challenge once restrictions are lifted. Perhaps an "Everesting" of a local climb or a mega loop throughout the region. Although given that restrictions might not be lifted for some time, I could end up doing something crazy here at home.

I'll also be getting nostalgic and uploading some photos/stories from my MTB/cycling days. Stay safe.


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